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Nude photography is a constant challenge, because it shows a world that goes beyond established standards. This is with no place to doubt one of the most majestic artistic expressions. The singularity and the beauty of human body have captivated the interest and attention of skilled photographers who have created the most exquisite pieces of our time.

Skilled artists who perfectly highlight the beauty of human body

The pieces developed by experienced photographers constitute a valuable point of reference for those who are beginning to venture in the world of artistic nudes. They are aware that the real challenge lies in arousing curiosity with the suggestion and not with the explicit.

For that reason they developed unique and exquisite concepts that highlight the most sensual side of human body with a slight touch of eroticism.

Visionaries who have left an incomparable legacy

Edward Weston was an American photographer who used to take advantage of the foreground in natural subjects to obtain unusual shapes. He is considered one of the most outstanding representatives of direct photography and artistic nude.

Helmut Newton was an Australian photographer of German origin. Considered as one of the most important representatives of artistic nudity of the 20th century, he created an innovative style of his own. Each piece stands out for having a high content of glamour and seduction and for having female nudes and stilettos as main subjects.

Greta Buysse is a photographer who lives and works in Belgium. At the beginning of her career she worked as an advertising photographer becoming a freelancer around 1980. She studied science in high school and later she graduated from Narafi University. This splendid artist specializes in combining female nudes with architectural elements.

Buysee mainly works with images in black and white. She offers the observer a fantastic blend of lights and shadows where protagonists remain visible even in the dark. Her creations stand out for an exquisite combination of sensuality and eroticism, where female beauty is concealed behind veils that insinuate more than they show. On each piece the body carries a message.

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